PHP upgrade services and support

by Influential Software

Enhance your speed, functionality, and security with PHP upgrade services from UK experts.

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PHP upgrade services and support

by Influential Software

Enhance your speed, functionality, and security with PHP upgrade services from UK experts.

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Dependable PHP upgrade services

If your website or application isn’t running the latest version of PHP, you’re missing out on security, speed, and features.

But isn’t it time-consuming and complex to update PHP? Don’t you risk downtime and disruption? With our PHP upgrade services, the answer is definitively “No.”

Having worked with all PHP versions for 10 years, we will guide you through a smooth migration with no adverse effects.

Our clients can choose a one-off PHP upgrade or a subscription that keeps you up to date at all times. Advantages of our service include:

  • expert advice on how the upgrade will affect your applications
  • avoidance of technical hitches and downtime during the upgrade
  • accelerated upgrade times with full technical support

Why upgrade PHP with us?

Upgrading to the latest version of PHP keeps your code fast and secure. Here are some reasons to upgrade today.

 Save with PHP upgrade services

Upgrade PHP now to save the time and money of having to rework your app or website in an emergency.

Guarantee application portability

The latest PHP gives you the freedom to use any hosting provider, while some won’t accept older versions.

Security with PHP upgrades

Previous versions of PHP are likely to have known security flaws that hackers can exploit.

Upgrade to PHP 7 for speed

PHP 7 is up to 2× faster than older versions, meaning happier users and better engagement.

✓ Latest version, greatest features

Each new version of PHP equips your application with impressive new functionalities and libraries.

Wider support and maintenance

It’s easier to find support and maintenance for the latest PHP version, giving you a greater choice of providers. 

PHP upgrade issues and solutions

New versions of PHP bring new powers to the code, while parts of the older language will no longer work.

That’s why PHP expertise is crucial to making a seamless transition.

PHP upgrade challenges

 deprecated code causing errors in the latest PHP version

custom settings incompatible with the new code

 old plug-ins losing functionality after the upgrade

PHP expert solutions

parsing and rewriting old code into the new format

 reconfiguring settings to replicate the original intent

 custom coding plug-ins if a new version is unavailable



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